So, how do I calculate my Macros?

Calculating My Macros

Calculating my Macros

Counting Macros

Counting your macros sounds great, and it is! The flexibility it gives you within your daily lifestyle, not restricting certain foods, and being sustainable for long-term results are the top reasons people choose macro counting over fad diets. 

How do I calculate my Macros?

So, how do you calculate your macros? It is really simple but requires some math. First, you have to figure out your BMR, or Basic Metabolic Rate. You can find our own calculator here. This is the number of calories your body burns just by being alive each day. Let’s just use 2,000 calories for this example.

So, this person, let’s call them Jordan, has a BMR of 2,000 calories. Now the objective is to fit the number of calories from each macronutrient into the total calories. Each gram of a macro contains a certain number of calories: 

Carbohydrates: 4 calories per gram

Protein: 4 calories per gram

Fat: 9 calories per gram

The USDA/FDA gives a Recommended Daily Allotment of macronutrient ratios here, but let’s use Macro Snacks ratios for this exercise. Our snacks provide 45% carbs, 30% protein, and 25% fat. To expand that out to a full day of eating, we simply multiply the total calories by the percent of carbs, protein, and fat we want to consume that day.

Carbohydrates: 2000 x .45 = 900 calories from carbohydrates or 225g*

   *900 divided by 4, remember 4 calories per gram from above 

Protein: 2000 x .30 = 600 calories from protein or 150g*

   *600 divided by 4, remember 4 calories per gram from above

Fat: 2000 x .25 = 500 calories from fat or 55g*

   *500 divided by 9, remember 9 calories per gram from above

So, Jordan can hit his/her macro goals each day by eating 2,000 calories derived from 225g of carbs, 150g of protein, and 55g of fat. The perfect balance of macronutrients according to his BMR.

Counting Macros

Vegan Macro Calculator

Did you know we have our own macro calculator on our website? Save time and let us do the maths!

Click here for our macro calculator - for vegans and everyone else!

Macro Snacks

The best part? Eating a bag of Macro Snacks won’t mess up his/her numbers, they will keep him/her perfectly on track!

Stay Balanced!

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