What Snacks Can You Eat on a Plant-Based Diet?

Snacks, snacks, glorious snacks! Walk into a convenience shop or grocery store just about anywhere and you will find an array of chocolate bars, candy, and other confectionery goods. Are they healthy? Probably not. Are they plant-based? Almost certainly not. So what’s a vegan to do when they get hungry between meal times? Don’t sweat it, we’re here to fulfill all of your snacking needs. Read on to find out more.

Do Tasty AND Nutritious Vegan Snacks Exist?

Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to find plant-based products on the market, many of which have been moving mountains with their flavor profiles! More and more people are realizing that vegan snacks can be equally as tasty, if not more so, than their non-vegan counterparts.

However, in the commercialized snack world, the emphasis on flavor usually reflects negatively on the ingredients list - unhealthy fats and processed sugars make a regular appearance. More often than not, readily-available plant-based snacks are either healthy and not very tasty or super delicious but not nutritious.

But all is not lost! There are plenty of plant-based options out there that are both tasty and healthy, you just need to know where to look. We’ve outlined some of our favorite vegan snacks below, which we’ve organized into two categories: plant-based on-the-go and quick kitchen bites.

Plant-Based Snack Ideas

Plant-Based On-The-Go #1: Macro Snacks

Commuting to work and don’t have time for breakfast? Stuck in traffic and you’re famished? Or do you just need to fill a hole until lunch? Luckily, we make deliciously crunchy plant-based snacks ready-made to satisfy your cravings on-the-go. Just pop a bag of Rockin’ Ranch or Spicy Chili Lime into your bag in the mornings and they will be there whenever and wherever you need them.


Evidently, preparation is key here, so you will need to buy Macro Snacks in advance. But remember the 5 Ps: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! Many a vegan has been caught out whilst traveling when they find that none of the stores in their vicinity contain plant-based snacks. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare by buying some ready-made foods in advance.

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The good thing about Macro Snacks is that they are sealed for freshness and last much longer than fresh produce. Consequently, you can carry them about with you until you need them, without fear that they are going to expire.

Plant-Based On-The-Go #2: Apple & Peanut Butter

Few flavor pairings can match the amazing combination of apple and peanut butter. And the best thing about this vegan snack is that you can make it pretty much anywhere! Lots of stores sell both of these ingredients, so it’s a great one to make when you haven’t brought any packets of Macro Snacks with you!

plant-based snacks

Eating an apple and peanut butter together might get a bit messy unless the apple is already pre-sliced or you carry reusable utensils around with you. If you do find yourself with no cutlery, then you will just have to lick your fingers clean after you scoop out the peanut butter with your hands!

Quick Kitchen Bites #1: Vegan Sandwich

It might seem like an obvious choice, but a sandwich is, without doubt, one of the best snack ideas to satisfy any cravings. Plus, it’s got wonderful versatility as you can fill it up using fresh plant-based ingredients or any leftovers you might have in your fridge. What’s more, they’re easy to wrap-up and transport, so you can take these with you on-the-go as well. We particularly enjoy making ourselves a quick sandwich by using leftover pulled oyster mushrooms with lettuce and BBQ sauce!

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Quick Kitchen Bites #2: Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Ok, so this one is technically a drink, but it’s so tasty, nutritious, and easy to make, we couldn’t really leave this one out. Hang on...did you say chocolate? Yep! But, instead of chocolate bars, we use cacao powder, which is naturally high in zinc, magnesium, copper, and other fantastic nutrients. Bananas can either go in fresh, or you can use frozen ones that you chopped up and stored in advance. Then just add a splash of plant-based milk and/or yogurt, as well as a natural sweetener, such as agave or date syrup, and you’re good to go. Delicious and nutritious!

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Other Plant-Based Snack Ideas

Obviously, there are many more snacks that you can eat in addition to the ones we have listed, but we hope that we’ve given you some inspiration on how to eat healthily (and potentially even go vegan!) whilst still being able to enjoy great flavors. If you’ve got any ideas of your own that you would like to share with us, then please let us know in the comments below!

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