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Spicy, Tangy, Crunchy Perfection

These are by far my favorite flavor of Macro Snacks, I buy them in bulk! They have tons of flavor, and are the perfect balance of spicy and tangy lime flavor. They go perfectly with everything, and they are a much healthier alternative to other chips out there with a delicious and honestly gourmet flavor. I'm a buyer for life!

So yummy!

Love them! They are better than chips! Already ordered more!

Its good

I did not like the pizza ones but the rest are good when you need a snack

All flavors

I’ve tried all the flavors and depending on my mood pizza is my favorite. The cheese runs a close second. I love them all, so does my 3 year old granddaughter who is a chip monster!!

Ordering again!

Omg these are bomb!!! We loved all the flavors! We ordered the variety pack the first time to see which ones we liked and didn’t. Well turns out we love them all. The churro ones taste like the cinnamon twist from Taco Bell. But 100 times healthier. I will be placing an order after I write this review.


These have a nice crunch and are seasoned perfectly. The only puzzling thing is that the cheddar cheese doesn't have dairy, but the pizza pie flavor does. It seems like the pizza pie flavor could be company plant based as well. Overall, fantastic and will purchase again!


The Macro pizza snacks are good. A little bit to much flavor on the chips but they are good.

Excellent taste!!

Excellent taste. Nice crunch. Filling. Great snack.

Spicy chili Lime

Great product. Really tasty and too spicy

Great tasting and they give you a decent amount per bag

Great flavor, highly recommended

Hits the spot

These are not like other chip substitutes that leave you still wanting the real thing. These are super crunchy and flavorful and a substantial snack; not just empty calories.

Love them!

So delicious! Full of flavor, crunchy and good amount in the bag to satisfy my craving !

Muchin' on Macro!!!!!!!!!!

Delicious, healthy, and priced right at the time of order! Quick ship too!

Love this Variety Pack

These three flavors (and the Ranch) are my Fav’s, so I was excited to see them together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Macro Snacks. Really good amount of product in each bag. I feel physically and emotionally satisfied and that doesn’t happen for me with snacks at 140 calories (even higher calorie). AND the amount of protein - WowZa!! I am always in search of healthy/low calorie snacks and fun food with high protein (need to get my daily protein %). I have tried most high protein, healthy choices out there. Not even one other snack food has made me as happy as these. I easily eat one a day!!

Very nice

I liked the spicy chili lime flavor. Interesting combination of flavors - didn’t disappoint. When I first popped in my mouth they didn’t seem very spicy - and then you feel the hit. Not TOO much heat - just enough to taste/feel it but can easily finish the bag. I don’t love them enough to be buying a full 12-pak of them. With so many flavors to choose from - I am thinking we all have our favorites.

My favorite snack!

I am a HUGE snacker and the crunchier the better! Macro snacks fulfill my need for crunch and staying true to my commitment to a healthier lifestyle!

Excellent taste!!

These are some of the better health snacks I've tried recently. Great flavor, nice crunch, very filling.


So far I have loved every flavor!


My kids and I love these snacks! Our favorites are bbq, cheddar and pizza!

Variety Pack

These are great snacks to hit your macros. Loved the BBQ and Pizza but... The Churro flavor was the BEST of the bunch. Would definitely buy again.


Very delicious. The churros are awesome. Sour cream and pizza Mmmmmm. And it's plant based!! I just wish the carbs were lower

These chips were awesome. Taste really good and the bags are full. Great snack and worth the price.

this is a good snack.

Tasty without being overwhelming, good consistency and size, crunchy but not tough