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Great snack

I have been staying away from the usual chips because they had no nutritional value. I just love macro snacks so much; the variety is awesome and they are filling because of the protien. I highly recommend them. I have ordered 3 times!!!!

Too salty

I like these snacks but they have way too much sodium. I'm a diabetic with high blood pressure and thought this would be my forever snack. I have to pass.


My husband and I both enjoy these snacks.


I love all of the flavors!!!

Delicious and nutritious

I love the Cheddar Cheese Macros. They take me back to the bad days of eating Cheetos. They are so good and taste so decadent but they are healthy so it’s a win all around!!! I’m so glad I discovered Macro Snacks!!


I love the ranch, chili lime, and the sour cream flavors, but this one was terrible


Very crunchy and tasty snacks.

Best snacks EVER

These are crazy good. All the other 'healthy snacks' have a bunch of awful ingredients and don't actually taste good. Macro snacks nailed it.

A hit!!

Ordered for my son. Wasn’t sure how they would be received. They were a hit, he liked all the flavors.

Great snacks. Good taste and filling. Had an issue with delivery and customer service quickly corrected the problem. Thank you!!

Love these snacks.

I bought the variety pack and so far have not been disappointed. Enjoying my new snacks!


The best chips I've had. Just placed a 2nd order.

Love these!!

This product is great, it's very satisfying and you get a huge amount in the bag

Delicious! 10/10 recommend

I bought these after a friend recommended them. I eat mostly plant based and was really missing the “crunch” that a chip or other “junk food” would give me. Enter... BBQ Macro Snacks! I’m blown away. At 140 calories for the entire bag, these left me feeling satisfied and full thanks to the 11g of protein. the bag was much bigger than I expected and overall I will absolutely be buying more.

Delicious! 10/10 recommend

I bought these after a friend recommended them. They exceeded my expectations! 140 calories for this entire bag, with 11g of protein, blew my mind! The perfect snack, sweet and crunchy! And to boot, they definitely filled me up and left me feeling satisfied! Will be buying them again for sure!!

Macro Snacks

I only like the churro flavored snacks; the rest, I don't like too much. I won't be able to recommend it. I am sorry.


I loved all these flavors! Being on a lower carb and more balanced diet is hard when it comes to finding snacks that fit my needs. The snacks came in handy during some weekend travels and did well between meals to hold me over with lots of protein and crunch! My only criticism is that they are a bit on the salty side. I would order again however. Great quality product for the money and well balanced nutritionally.

Very good

Very goodLove them thank you so much

Always awesome!

Keep up the great work with this great snack!

Great taste

I really like the taste. I ordered the cheddar bbq and sour cream with onion, and liked them all. They aren't as light to bite as Cheetos, but still good.

Absolutely delicious

These are the best tasting ever. Extremely rich flavor and texture as well. I won't eat any other type of chips! These are BOMB!

A little salty

I ordered the Pizza flavor. They taste amazing and I love that they high protein/low calorie. However, they taste very salty to me. Too salty for me. I wouldn't buy this specific flavor again.

snack attack

These are my favorites - but I also love the Churro,s as cinnamon sugar is amazing.

snack attack

EXCELLENT!!! Love these snacks!

Delicious cheese flavor

Delicious cheese flavor